Karlskrona, known as Sweden’s only baroque city, is a stunning locality located in the Blekinge County of Sweden. With a population of 66,675 in 2018, Karlskrona is also the capital of Blekinge County. It has a rich history, having been founded in 1680 when the Royal Swedish Navy was relocated from the Stockholm area to Trossö, which had until then been used mainly for farming and grazing. Today, Karlskrona is host to Sweden’s largest naval base and the headquarters of the Swedish Coast Guard, which makes it a popular destination for history and military enthusiasts. The city has a unique charm, with its preserved buildings and rectangular grid plan, which was primarily thought of as a military city with many defenses and fortifications exploiting the particular topography of the city. Karlskrona’s architecture is architecturally uniform, with most of the baroque buildings from the 18th century still standing, making it a favorite amongst architecture lovers. The central building of the city is the Fredrikskyrkan church, which was built in the 1690s on the main square, the highest point of the island. Karlskrona’s Naval Museum is the most visited museum of the city, with around 250,000 visitors a year. The museum is Sweden’s national museum for the history of the Swedish Navy. Karlskrona is spread over 30 islands in the eastern part of Blekinge archipelago, and the islet of Stumholmen, formerly property of the Navy, today houses the National Naval Museum (Marinmuseum). Several islands are connected to the city by ferries. The city has a pleasant atmosphere and is one of the highlights of southeast Sweden. Karlskrona is also home to several major businesses, including Telenor, Ericsson, and Roxtec, and has an overall strong presence in information technology-based industries. The city is positioned at the southeast corner of Sweden with excellent connections to the other side of the Baltic Sea, and there is a ferry line to Gdynia in Poland transporting both goods and passengers provided by the ferry operator Stena Line. Karlskrona is a city rich in culture and heritage, with its charming architecture and historic naval base. From its beautiful churches to its museums, there is something for everyone here, making it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Sweden.

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