Welcome to Ohrid, a stunning city located in North Macedonia on the shore of Lake Ohrid. With over 42,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city on the lake and the eighth-largest city in the country. Ohrid is known for its rich history, picturesque houses and monuments, and as a popular tourist destination. It was once home to 365 churches, one for each day of the year, and has been referred to as a Jerusalem of the Balkans. Visitors can explore the ancient Greek and Roman ruins, as well as the medieval churches and fortresses. A must-see attraction is the Samuil’s Fortress, which offers breathtaking views of the city and lake. In 1979 and 1980, Ohrid and Lake Ohrid were recognized as Cultural and Natural World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, making them one of only 28 sites that are part of UNESCO’s World Heritage that are Cultural as well as Natural sites. Ohrid has a rich history, dating back to antiquity, and has been ruled by the Illyrians, Romans, Byzantines, Bulgarian Empire, and Ottoman Empire. Today, visitors can experience the blend of cultures through the city’s architecture, cuisine, and traditions.

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