Welcome to Ardeşen, a picturesque town located in Rize Province on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. This hidden gem is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With a history dating back to the Colchis and Lazica kingdoms and the Byzantine and Georgian empires, Ardeşen is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. The name Ardeşen is believed to have originated from an Armenian word meaning ‘field village’ or from a Lazuri word meaning ‘a few light for one’. The town is sandwiched between the sea and the mountains and extends 50 km inland to the Altıparmak hills and the Kaçkar Lazistan mountains. The lush greenery and the abundance of rainfall make it an ideal place for tea cultivation, and the first tea-processing factory was opened in 1947. In addition to tea, the town is also home to sawmills and furniture workshops. The cuisine in Ardeşen is like typical Turkish food, but with unique local dishes such as minci/cökelek and muhlama. The town has a lot of beautiful public buildings and apartment blocks, and the busy coast road leads up to Turkey’s border with Georgia. The climate in Ardeşen is oceanic, and the town experiences mild temperatures throughout the year. The Ardeşen GSK is a women’s handball club that plays in the Turkish Women’s Handball Super League. The Fırtına Deresi river is a popular spot for rafting, and Tunca (Dutxe) hosts the formulaz traditional car races. The town has an official website with more information, and you can also learn about the local Laz language and culture. Ardeşen is a wonderful destination for those seeking a unique cultural experience and an escape into nature.

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