Welcome to Saint-Mandé, a high-end commune located in the eastern suburbs of Paris, France. This charming city is nestled in the Val-de-Marne department of Île-de-France, just 5.3 km (3.3 mi) away from the center of Paris. Despite its small land area, Saint-Mandé is one of the most densely populated municipalities in Europe, offering a vibrant and bustling atmosphere for both locals and visitors.

Saint-Mandé has a fascinating history that is intertwined with the growth and development of Paris. On January 1, 1860, Paris expanded its borders by annexing neighboring communes, including two-thirds of Saint-Mandé. This resulted in the creation of the Bel-Air and Picpus neighborhoods in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. In 1929, the city of Paris annexed the Bois de Vincennes, which was a small part of Saint-Mandé’s territory. Despite these territorial losses, Saint-Mandé has managed to retain its charm and unique character.

Saint-Mandé is well-connected to the rest of the city and beyond. The municipality is crossed by the Avenue du Général-de-Gaulle, a principal north-south axis, and the Avenue de Paris, an east-west axis. These streets provide easy access for commuters and travelers. Saint-Mandé is also served by the Saint-Mandé station on Paris Métro Line 1, making it convenient for exploring the city. Additionally, RATP buses including lines 46, 56, 86, and 325 operate in the area. For those traveling by air, Orly Airport is the closest airport, located approximately 17 km (11 mi) away.

Saint-Mandé provides a range of educational institutions for its residents. The city is home to several preschools/nurseries, including Paul Bert, Charles Digeon, La Tourelle, and E.G. Tillion preschool. Elementary schools in Saint-Mandé include Paul Bert, Charles Digeon, and E.G. Tillion elementary. Junior high school students are served by Ecole & Collège Decroly and Collège Jacques Offenbach. Additionally, the private school system Ensemble Scolaire St Michel de Picpus maintains a secondary campus in Saint-Mandé.

Twin Towns:
Saint-Mandé has established vibrant relationships with several twin towns. The city is twinned with Waltham Forest, London, United Kingdom; Eschwege, Hesse, Germany; Concord, Massachusetts, United States; Tres Cantos, Community of Madrid, Spain; Drogheda, Ireland; Yanggu, Gangwon, South Korea; and Vila Verde, Braga, Portugal. These connections foster cultural exchange and promote global understanding.

Whether you’re strolling along the charming streets, exploring the beautiful parks, or enjoying the rich cultural heritage, Saint-Mandé offers a delightful experience for every visitor. From its historical significance to its convenient transportation links and educational opportunities, this city has something to offer for everyone. Come and discover the beauty of Saint-Mandé, the hidden gem in the eastern suburbs of Paris.

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