Welcome to Petit-Bourg, a vibrant commune located on the captivating island of Guadeloupe in the French overseas department. Situated on the eastern side of Basse-Terre, Petit-Bourg is a hidden treasure filled with natural wonders, cultural delights, and warm hospitality. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the enchanting attractions, immerse in the tropical rainforest climate, and discover the rich heritage of this captivating destination.

One of the main highlights of Petit-Bourg is the Cascade aux Ecrevisse, a mesmerizing waterfall that cascades down amidst lush greenery. Nature enthusiasts will be enthralled by the tranquil beauty and serenity of this natural wonder. For those seeking adventure, the Saut de la Lézarde waterfall offers an exhilarating experience with its breathtaking drop. The sheer force of the water will leave you in awe as you witness this spectacular sight.

For those who appreciate the wonders of nature, the National Park of Guadeloupe is a must-visit. This sprawling park is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers, offering a plethora of trails that wind through verdant forests, revealing stunning viewpoints and hidden treasures along the way. From majestic waterfalls to panoramic vistas, the National Park of Guadeloupe is sure to leave you spellbound.

Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the Kassaverie, a traditional cassava/manioc factory located in the heart of downtown Petit-Bourg. Learn about the process of transforming this root vegetable into delicious treats and sample the mouthwatering delicacies made from cassava. The Kassaverie provides a fascinating insight into the traditional methods and flavors of Guadeloupe.

Petit-Bourg’s climate is a tropical rainforest climate, characterized by warm temperatures and abundant rainfall. The average annual temperature is 25.3 °C (77.5 °F), providing the perfect conditions for lush vegetation to thrive. The wettest month is October, with an average annual rainfall of 2,732.3 mm (107.57 in). The highest temperatures are experienced in August, reaching around 26.7 °C (80.1 °F), while February sees the lowest temperatures at approximately 23.5 °C (74.3 °F). The highest temperature ever recorded in Petit-Bourg was 33.9 °C (93.0 °F) on 23 September 2005, while the coldest temperature recorded was 14.2 °C (57.6 °F) on 13 April 2001.

The population of Petit-Bourg is a vibrant mix of cultures and communities. The commune is home to a variety of educational institutions, ensuring that the younger generation receives quality education. Public preschools such as Ecole maternelle Carrère, Ecole maternelle Albertine Mignard, and Ecole maternelle Pointe à Bacchus provide a nurturing environment for early learning. Public primary schools like Ecole primaire Maurice Chovino, Ecole primaire Fribert Fessin, and Ecole primaire Robert Freti offer a strong foundation for young students.

Petit-Bourg is also equipped with public junior high schools including Collège Félix Eboue, and public senior high schools like LGT Droits de lHomme, ensuring that students receive comprehensive education throughout their academic journey.

As you explore Petit-Bourg, be sure to visit the neighboring communes of Guadeloupe to uncover even more hidden gems. Each commune has its own unique charm, offering a diverse range of attractions, culinary delights, and cultural experiences. From the bustling metropolitan area of Pointe-à-Pitre to the picturesque coastal town of Le Gosier, Guadeloupe is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

Come and experience the warmth and beauty of Petit-Bourg. With its breathtaking landscapes, fascinating culture, and friendly locals, this enchanting commune is sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or simply an escape from the ordinary, Petit-Bourg is the perfect destination for your next unforgettable journey.

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