Welcome to Modimolle, also known as Nylstroom, a hidden gem located near the southern edge of the Waterberg Massif in Limpopo province, South Africa. This medium-sized town has a lot to offer with its focus on agriculture, farming, wildlife, and tourism. Situated just 135 kilometres north of Pretoria, Modimolle is in close proximity to South Africa’s capital city. The town is surrounded by the Waterberg Biosphere, a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve spanning over 15,000 square kilometres. The unique rock formations shaped by millions of years of riverine erosion create a diverse landscape of bluffs and buttes. The ecosystem here can be described as a dry deciduous forest or Bushveld, offering a rich and vibrant natural environment. Modimolle has a fascinating history as well. In the 1860s, the Jerusalem Trekkers, a group of Voortrekkers, settled in the area after mistaking the Nylrivier (Nile river) for the Nile itself. They named the stream Nyl River and the town Nylstroom. However, what they believed to be a ruined pyramid turned out to be a natural hillock known as Modimolle. The town grew and played a significant role during the Second Boer War, with a Dutch Reformed Church constructed in 1889 that still stands today as the oldest church in South Africa north of Pretoria. Modimolle was also home to a concentration camp operated by the British government during the war. Today, you can visit Strijdom Huis, the primary residence of JG Strijdom, the 6th Prime Minister of South Africa. In 2002, the South African government changed the town’s name to Modimolle, derived from the Sotho-Tswana phrase ‘Modimo o lle,’ meaning ‘the forefathers’ spirit has eaten’ or ‘God has eaten.’ With its rich history, stunning natural landscapes, and warm hospitality, Modimolle is a destination that should not be missed. Come and explore all that this vibrant town in South Africa has to offer!

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