Welcome to Mildura, a vibrant regional city located in north-west Victoria, Australia. Situated on the picturesque Murray River, Mildura is a delightful destination with a population of 34,565 as of 2021. Known as the largest settlement in the Sunraysia region, Mildura is famous for its thriving horticultural industry and is responsible for around 90% of Australia’s table grape exports. This charming city is also a major producer of grapes, supplying approximately 80% of Victoria’s grape production. With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and a wide range of attractions, Mildura is a must-visit for any traveler looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of regional Australia.

Mildura’s city center, nestled along the banks of the Murray River, offers a vibrant and bustling atmosphere. Langtree Avenue is the heart of the city, serving as the main shopping and dining precinct. This bustling street features a pedestrian mall, lined with a variety of shops and restaurants. For those looking for more retail therapy, Fifteenth Street in the Mildura South area is home to a mid-sized undercover shopping mall and several big box stores.

The history of Mildura is deeply rooted in agriculture, particularly orange and grape farming. The area has a rich indigenous heritage, with the Latje Latje and Barkindji people being the original inhabitants. The name Mildura itself has ties to the local Aboriginal Australian words, although its precise origin remains uncertain.

Mildura’s growth as an irrigation settlement can be attributed to George Chaffey, a Canadian-American irrigator who selected Mildura as the site for his first irrigation project. Established in 1887, Mildura quickly became the main town of the district, experiencing significant growth in the following decades.

Today, Mildura’s economy thrives on its diverse industries. The city is renowned for its fruit and wine production, with citrus fruits, grapes, and wine being key contributors. Mildura also serves as a prominent tourist destination, attracting visitors with its stunning natural landscapes and water-based activities. The Murray River provides ample opportunities for watersports, boat cruises, and paddlesteamer adventures. The Mildura International Balloon Fiesta and the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens are other popular attractions that draw tourists from far and wide.

With its pleasant climate, Mildura offers a unique blend of hot summers and cool winters. The region experiences rainfall throughout the year, with winter and spring being the wettest seasons. The flat plains surrounding Mildura, adorned by lakes and billabongs, provide a picturesque backdrop to the city.

Mildura Central, formerly known as Centro Mildura, serves as the primary shopping destination in the Sunraysia region. This fully enclosed and air-conditioned shopping center offers a diverse retail mix, including national fashion stores, supermarkets, and entertainment options.

Despite various development proposals being shelved indefinitely, Mildura continues to be a promising center for population and industry decentralization programs in Victoria. The city’s abundant sunlight has sparked interest in large-scale solar power projects, although some have faced challenges due to changing government policies.

Experience the beauty and charm of Mildura, where the Murray River meets a thriving horticultural paradise. Discover the rich history, indulge in delicious local produce, and explore the stunning landscapes that make this city a hidden gem in regional Australia. Plan your visit to Mildura today and create unforgettable memories in this idyllic corner of Victoria.

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