Welcome to Borongan, the City of the Golden Sunrise/Sunshine and the aspiring King City of the East. Located in the province of Eastern Samar, Philippines, Borongan is a hidden gem that offers a blend of rich history, natural wonders, and warm hospitality. Join us as we take you on a journey through this captivating city and discover why Borongan should be on every traveler’s radar.

Borongan, officially known as the City of Borongan, derived its name from the local word ‘borong,’ which means fog in the Waray-Waray language. Nestled amidst mountainous terrains, Borongan is often covered by a veil of fog during the cold and rainy seasons, creating a mystical ambiance. The name borongan was attributed to the place by pre-Hispanic natives, who inhabited the area as a fragmented commune of households.

The history of Borongan dates back to the pre-Hispanic period when its inhabitants, known as Boronganons, were known for their fierce fighting skills. According to historical accounts, Boronganons were feared warriors who defended their town against invaders. Spanish contact in the 1600s contributed to the development of Borongan from scattered hamlets into a town. The Jesuits and Franciscans played a significant role in evangelizing the region and protecting the people from Muslim raids.

During the American occupation, Borongan became a site of uprising led by the Pulahanes during the Philippine Revolution in 1898. It later became a capital town when Eastern Samar was established as a separate province in 1965. Borongan faced a series of changes in its cityhood status, losing and regaining its cityhood several times. Finally, on February 15, 2011, Borongan regained its status as a city, meeting all the legal requirements.

Geographically, Borongan is situated along the middle coastal part of Eastern Samar, with its city center located along the banks of the Lo-om River. The city is blessed with natural beauty, bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the east and surrounded by mountains and rivers. The scenic spots of Borongan include spectacular streams, river rapids, waterfalls, and caves, making it a paradise for nature lovers, trekkers, and spelunkers.

Borongan consists of 61 barangays, each with its unique charm and character. The local dialect in Borongan is Waray-Waray, but many locals also understand Cebuano, English, and Filipino. The majority of Boronganons practice Roman Catholicism, alongside other Christian denominations.

In terms of its economy, Borongan’s main product is copra, and the city thrives with lively commercial activity throughout the year. It serves as the central business hub of Eastern Samar, catering to the needs of the local population and visitors. Fishing, farming, and government employment are significant sources of livelihood for the residents.

When it comes to commercial activity, Borongan offers a delightful array of options. The city has a wet market where you can find a variety of foodstuffs, including rice, corn, fresh and dried fish, meats, vegetables, fruits, and native delicacies. The Uptown Mall, the largest in Eastern Samar, opened its doors in 2005, providing a wide range of shopping and entertainment options.

For food enthusiasts, Borongan boasts numerous restaurants and eateries that offer local cuisine. You can savor the flavors of Eastern Samar, including seafood dishes, native delicacies, and culinary specialties influenced by the region’s cultural heritage.

Borongan also celebrates its vibrant festivals, showcasing the city’s cultural traditions and religious devotion. The annual fiesta celebration in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a month-long festivity filled with colorful processions, street parades, cultural performances, and religious ceremonies. The Padul-ong Festival, a highlight of Borongan’s fiesta, depicts the legend of a mysterious ‘Lady in White,’ believed to bless the spring waters with healing powers.

As you explore Borongan, don’t miss the opportunity to visit its pristine forests, where you can discover hidden waterfalls, caves, and breathtaking landscapes. The untouched beauty of these natural wonders will leave you in awe and provide a memorable adventure.

We invite you to experience the charm of Borongan, where history, nature, and warm hospitality blend seamlessly. Whether you’re seeking tranquility, cultural immersion, or outdoor adventures, Borongan has something for everyone. Discover the City of the Golden Sunrise/Sunshine and create unforgettable memories in this enchanting destination in Eastern Samar, Philippines.

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