Welcome to Zhangjiakou, a prefecture-level city in the northwestern Hebei province of Northern China. Also known as Kalgan, Zhangjiakou has a rich history as a stronghold of military significance and vied for by multiple sides. The city is nicknamed the Northern Gate of Beijing due to its strategic position on several important transport arteries, making it a critical node for travel between Hebei and Inner Mongolia and connecting northwest China, Mongolia, and Beijing. Dajingmen, an important gate and junction of the Great Wall of China is located here. But Zhangjiakou is not just about history and military significance. In the south, the city is largely cultivated for agricultural use. In the north, Bashang is a part of the Mongolian plateau and dominated by grasslands. The forest coverage reaches 37%, earning Zhangjiakou the title of National Forest City. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Zhangjiakou has the freshest air and the least PM 2.5 pollution of all Chinese cities north of the Yellow River. And that’s not all, Zhangjiakou possesses 4.6% of China’s wind energy resources, and the city ranks second in solar energy use. Recently, Zhangjiakou hosted the 2022 Winter Olympics, putting the city on the map for sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, or sports, Zhangjiakou has something to offer for everyone. Come explore this charming city and discover all of its hidden treasures.

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