Welcome to Serchhip, a quaint town nestled in the central part of Mizoram, India. This charming town is the headquarters of Serchhip district and is known for its high literacy rate, agriculture, and breathtaking landscapes. The name Ser-chhip comes from citrus trees found on top of the first hill of the then Serchhip village, and it means citrus-on-top. In addition to the former Serchhip village, the Town Area now includes New Serchhip and Chhiahtlang villages. Let’s explore the history, geography, economy, transport, demographics, public health, education, media, and tourism of this hidden gem of Mizoram.

== History ==
The first settlement within Serchhip area can be traced back to Lallula, a Mizo chief, who set up a settlement at Kawlri. The second settlement at Serchhip was founded by Bengkhuaia, son of Lalpuithanga, Chief of Bâwngchâwm, a great Mizo chief. From Kawlri, he made a raid on Assam valley (Alexandrapur and its attached areas) in 1871, captured Mary Winchester, a daughter of James Winchester, that led to the First Lushai Expedition in 1872.

== Geography ==
Serchhip is located at 23.3°N 92.83°E / 23.3; 92.83. It has an average elevation of 888 meters (2913 feet) and lies between the two very important rivers of Mat and Tuikum. River Tuikum is a public drinking water source for Serchhip, and River Mat is an irrigation water source for Zawlpui, the rice bowl of Serchhip. The annual temperatures range from a high of 34 °C to a low of 10 °C.

== Economy ==
Agriculture is one of the important occupations in Serchhip. Being situated near Mat river valley, Serchhip is the main producer of cash crops in Mizoram, famous for its cabbages and mustards.

== Transport ==
Serchhip is connected by Pawan Hans Helicopter service from Aizawl. It is also connected by road with Silchar through National Highway 54, with Agartala through National Highway 40, and with Imphal through National Highway 150. Taxis, auto rickshaws, and town buses are available public transport in Serchhip.

== Demographics ==
According to the Population Census in 2011, Serchhip had a population of 64,875, of which male and female were 32,824 and 32,051 respectively. The initial provisional data suggest a density of 46 in 2011 compared to 38 of 2001. Total area under Serchhip district is about 1,421 km2. Serchhip District population constituted 5.95 percent of the total Mizoram population. In 2001 census, this figure for Serchhip District was at 6.06 percent of Mizoram population. Serchhip town itself accommodated 20,073 people as per Statistical Handbook of Mizoram 2008.

== Public Health ==
The most challenging public health issues in Serchhip are Malaria and Cancer. HIV infection among the general public is also increasing alarmingly. The basic health and nutritional supplements for infants and children are provided by Anganwadi workers, which have helped in the reduction of Infant mortality and Malnutrition among the children.

== Education ==
Serchhip has an average literacy rate of 98.76%, which is one of the highest in India. Serchhip College is the only center of higher education in the town. Government Serchhip College, established on 25 August 1973, is one of the foremost colleges established in Mizoram, currently offering Arts, Science, and Computer subjects. There are two higher secondary schools (including Government Higher Secondary School, Serchhip) and numbers of high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. Privately owned schools also take a very important role in the development of education in Serchhip. The most important contribution to high literacy in the Town comes from Anganwadi centers.

== Media ==
There are seven daily newspapers published in Serchhip, and three cable TV operators are available within the town and its nearby villages.

== Tourism ==
The district consists of a number of towns and villages lying around Serchhip. Thenzawl is the second biggest town after Serchhip and is one of the few flat areas with beautiful grassy landscapes. Nearby Thenzawl is a spectacular waterfall called Vantawng Falls (meaning Heavens reaching fall). This beautiful stepped fall is easily accessible by road, and it is a place where one can hear the calling of nature silently. Paragliding is a new sport for the people of Serchhip town. The most famous waterfall in Mizoram, Vantawng Falls, is about 4 km to the south of Thenzawl (sub-division) at Lau River. The height of this waterfall is roughly measured to be about 220 m. === Zoluti Hriatrengna Lung ===
Word meaning: Hratrengna – Memory; Lung – Stone. It could be presumed that Mary Winchester (ZOLUTI, as called by the Mizo people), taken as

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