Welcome to Oshakati, one of Namibia’s largest towns and the regional capital of the Oshana Region. Founded in 1966 and proclaimed a town in 1992, Oshakati has a rich history that has shaped its development into a bustling hub of commerce and culture in northern Namibia. Despite being used as a base of operations by the South African Defence Force during the South African Border War, Oshakati has experienced much growth and development since Namibia achieved independence in 1990.

Economy and Infrastructure:
Located near Namibia’s main highway, the B1, Oshakati is easily accessible to visitors and locals alike. Since the turn of the century, the town has seen the rise of many shops, including popular stores like Jet and Mr Price, as well as furniture and shoe stores, pharmacies, and more. The town’s three main shopping centers are Game, Etango, and Yetu. The Oshakati Independence Stadium is also located within the town and is a popular spot for sports enthusiasts.

Oshakati is situated in the Cuvelai-Etosha Basin and is cut by the Okatana River. These geographic features make the town prone to flooding, and as a result, the Oshakati Master Plan Project is underway to build a 23-kilometer dike around the town. The project also aims to deepen and straighten the river and resettle people living near the riverbed who may be clogging the flow of water.

Oshakati experiences a semi-arid climate, with hot summers and relatively mild winters. The average annual precipitation is 472mm, with most rainfall occurring mainly during summer.

Oshakati is governed by a town council that has seven seats. Oshana Region, to which Oshakati belongs, is a stronghold of Namibia’s ruling SWAPO party. In the 2015 and 2020 local authority elections, SWAPO won by a landslide and gained the majority of council seats.

The University of Namibia has a satellite campus in Oshakati, inaugurated in 1998 by the founding president of the Republic of Namibia, Sam Nujoma. Many primary and secondary schools are also located in Oshakati, including the Oshana Regional Study and Resource Center established in 2014.

Oshakati is within the Kwambi traditional authority, and the town council hosts the annual Oshakati Totem Expo. This event combines the celebration of local traditions with a modern business exhibition and takes place annually for a period of four days in the months of June or July. Oshakati also has a football team, Oshakati City FC.

Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or commerce, Oshakati has something to offer every visitor. Come explore the vibrant town and discover why it’s one of the jewels of northern Namibia.

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