Welcome to Vantaa, a vibrant city located in the heart of the Finnish Capital Region. As the fourth most populated city in Finland, Vantaa has a lot to offer to travelers of all kinds. Whether you are interested in history, nature, or modern urban life, Vantaa has something for everyone.

One of the most significant attractions in Vantaa is the Vantaa River (Vantaanjoki), which flows through the city and flows into the Gulf of Finland. The river provides a serene backdrop to the bustling city and is a popular spot for walks and picnics.

For those interested in aviation, Vantaa is home to the largest airport in Finland, the Helsinki Airport. It serves as the main airport and airline hub of Greater Helsinki and is located just a short distance from the city center.

Vantaa is also a hub for many companies, including Finnair, Finavia, R-kioski, Tikkurila Oyj, Veikkaus Oy, and Metsähallitus. These companies are headquartered in Vantaa, making it a significant destination for business travelers.

The city also hosts a science center, Heureka, which is a must-visit for families traveling with children. The center features interactive exhibits that explore science, technology, and the environment.

As a bilingual city, Vantaa has a rich cultural heritage. Both Finnish and Swedish are official languages, and the city has a diverse population of Finnish, Swedish, and other nationalities. Visitors can experience this unique blend of cultures in the local cuisine, which features traditional Finnish and Swedish dishes.

Vantaa has a rich history that dates back to the Stone Age. The area was inhabited by Tavastians and Finns proper until the Swedish colonization of the area. Many ancient clay figures representing humans have been found in Jokiniemi in Vantaa, estimated to be of various ages from 5300 to 5500 years old.

Prior to the name Vantaa being taken into use in 1974, the area was known as Helsingin pitäjä (Swedish: Helsinge; Socken of Helsinki). The Swedish colonisation in Vantaa started in connection with the colonisation in the rest of Uusimaa in the late 13th century after the Second Swedish Crusade.

Vantaa is bordered by Helsinki, the Finnish capital, to the south; Espoo to the southwest; Nurmijärvi to the northwest; Kerava and Tuusula to the north; and Sipoo to the east. The city encompasses 240.35 square kilometres (92.80 sq mi), of which 1.97 km2 (0.76 sq mi) is water.

In conclusion, Vantaa is a hidden gem in Finland that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modern urban life. Whether you are a business traveler or a family on vacation, Vantaa has something for everyone. Come and explore all that this charming city has to offer!

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