Welcome to Nicastro, a quaint town located in the province of Catanzaro, in the Calabria region of southern Italy. Nicastro is a small but historically rich town that traces its origins back to the 9th century when a fortress called Neo Castrum (New Castle) was created during the time of Saracen raids. The centre was founded during the time of Saracen raids pushing coastal inhabitants to move to surrounding higher fortified ground. However, many finds dating back to the Neolithic age and from the Magna Graecia era have emerged. Nicastro served as the place of imprisonment of Frederick II’s son Henry, and the castle of Nicastro was restored in the XIII century by Frederick II of Swabia. The area suffered greatly in the earthquakes of 1638, which destroyed the cathedral and the Benedictine abbey of St. Euphemia, founded by Robert Guiscard. Despite this, the town still has a lot to offer visitors. Nicastro is situated on the isthmus between the gulfs of SantEufemia and of Squillace, the narrowest part of the entire Italian peninsula, and at 216 meters above sea-level, it commands a fine view. The commerce of the port of Nicastro consists of the exportation of acid, herbs, and wine. Nicastro is a charming town that is well worth a visit for anyone interested in history, culture or just looking for a relaxing vacation.

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