Welcome to Ambah, a small town with big surprises in the Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, India. With its rich historical significance, stunning natural beauty, and warm and welcoming locals, Ambah is a hidden gem that should not be missed.

Geographically, Ambah is located at 26.71°N 78.23°E, with an average elevation of 161 metres (528 feet). The town lies on State Highway no. 2 of Madhya Pradesh and is approximately at the midpoint of Bhind and Morena, two major district centers of Madhya Pradesh. River Chambal flows very near to Ambah and forms the border between M.P. and U.P. and M.P. and Rajasthan. It is famous for its ancient fort and Kakanmath temple which are must-visit attractions for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts.

As of the 2011 Census of India, Ambah has a population of 258,689 with males constituting 54% of the population and females 46%. Ambah is part of Tanwarghar and Tomar Rajputs having significant population of Brahmins and Gurjars also. It is primarily a Hindu-dominant town with hundreds of places of religious importance (mostly Hindu temples and a couple of mosques) in and around the area. Five Jain temples in Ambah also make it a great destination for those interested in Jainism.

The town has several primary, secondary, and higher secondary schools, with almost 200+ schools. Ambah Post Graduate College, established in 1959, is the first academic institution of higher learning in the town and was given autonomous status in 1989 by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Shri TekChand Jain Higher Secondary School, established in 1950, is another academic institution which provides the best education in the city and is affiliated to C.B.S.E. and Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh.

The only mode of transport to Ambah is by road, with the closest railway station being Morena which is around 33 km from Ambah. However, means of transport are improving day by day, and an open window reservation office has been opened in Ambah so that reservations for trains can be made. The town has several private hospitals and a large Ambah Civil Hospital in Morena district, making it a safe destination to visit. The routine camps and vaccine camps organized throughout the year ensure the health facilities are in top shape. Every year, an Eye Operation Camp is also organized by Red Cross with the help of a local NGO in the town.

During February and March every year, an animal fair is organized by the local municipality in Ambah. The fair starts about three weeks prior to Holi and lasts two weeks. Also known as Jayeshwar Mahadev Mela, in the name of an ancient Lord Shiva temple, the fair is a convergence of all the rural cultures prevailing villages and towns around Ambah. The major plays and drama skits are conducted in the regional language and by regional artists, making it an exciting and vibrant experience.

In conclusion, Ambah offers a unique experience to visitors – a blend of history, culture, and nature. With its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and friendly locals, it is the perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful and relaxing vacation. Come explore the hidden gem of Madhya Pradesh, and you won’t be disappointed!

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