Umluj, a beautiful governorate located in the Tabuk Region of Saudi Arabia, offers visitors a chance to experience the wonders of the Red Sea. The Umluj island, situated in the midst of the Red Sea, is a popular tourist destination known for its spectacular beaches, clear waters, and coral reefs. The island is also home to several shipwrecks, making it an excellent spot for divers. For those interested in history, Umluj was once home to the ancient Kingdom of Lihyan. Today, visitors can explore the remnants of this fascinating civilization and learn about its rich heritage. The island offers a range of activities for tourists to enjoy, such as swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, and fishing. Those in search of relaxation can simply laze on the beach and soak up the sun. With its stunning natural beauty and unique cultural heritage, Umluj is an unforgettable destination that’s not to be missed.

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