Welcome to El Cafetal, a charming neighborhood located in the Baruta Municipality of Caracas, Venezuela. As its name suggests, El Cafetal was once a coffee plantation before its development into an urbanization in the second half of the 20th century. This hidden gem was initially marshy due to frequent flooding by the broken places of the Guaire River. However, private investors, Eugenio Mendoza, and Armando Planchart, promoted the creation of the Avenida Principal de El Cafetal, along with entrepreneurs who developed Las Mercedes. El Cafetal, a mostly residential area, caters to the upper-middle class and boasts one of the best shopping centers in eastern Caracas – the Plaza Las Americas, which has been renovated twice, and the El Cafetal shopping center. Apart from shopping, El Cafetal offers a beautiful environment, with its history and culture still largely untouched by tourism. The neighborhood is also close to the Simón Bolívar University, making it an ideal location for international students. Come and witness the charm of El Cafetal and why it is worth a visit.

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