Welcome to Pematangsiantar, a vibrant city located in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Known as the City of Pematangsiantar, this independent city is surrounded by, but not part of, the Simalungun Regency, making it an enclave within the regency. Pematangsiantar has a rich history, having once been a Kingdom led by the Damanik clan of the Simalungun ethnic group of the Batak people. Today, the city is a bustling hub of activity, welcoming tourists who want to explore the surrounding area, including Lake Toba and Central Tapanuli Regency. As a result, the city boasts numerous hotels and restaurants, making it an ideal base for those wanting to explore the region. One of the unique features of Pematangsiantar is the many motorcycles of The Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) with a capacity of 500 cc made in England, the old model that used as Auto rickshaw that makes a loud sound. In terms of accolades, Pematangsiantar is known for its cleanliness and environmental sustainability, having received the Adipura Cup in 1993. The city’s orderly traffic control has also been recognized, winning the Wahana Tata Nugraha Cup award in 1996. The city’s economy is largely driven by the industrial sector, with large and medium industries located in the middle of Simalungun Regency. Of the total economic activities, in 2020 this city reached Rp13.92 trillion, with the manufacturing industry being the largest contributor. Pematangsiantar is also rich in culture, with landmarks like the Vihara Avalokitesvara and the Simalungun Museum worth visiting. The city’s cuisine is heavily influenced by Batak traditional food, with dishes like saksang, a pork dish cooked in its own blood, and tuak, an alcoholic beverage made from sugar palm and sometimes from coconut, being popular. The city can be reached by train from Medan or by large buses which connect it to Medan, about a 3-hour trip. There are also ongoing construction of a toll road that will connect Pematangsiantar to other cities such as Tebingtinggi, Kualanamu airport, and the capital Medan. Come and explore Pematangsiantar, a city full of history, culture, and adventure!

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