Welcome to the City of Bayugan, located in the province of Agusan del Sur in the Philippines. This 5th class component city may be small, but it is a hidden gem that is definitely worth exploring. With a population of 109,499 people, Bayugan is the only city in the province of Agusan del Sur, and is known as the cut-flower capital of the province due to its lucrative cut-flower industry.

Bayugan’s climate, especially in the highland barangays, is conducive to high yield cut-flower production, making it a sight to behold. The city is also one of the major producers of rice and vegetables in the province, with plenty of fresh produce available for locals and tourists alike.

The history of Bayugan is fascinating, with different versions about how the city got its name; one of which states that it was because of the abundance of bayug trees in the area. Bayugan was formerly a sitio of Barangay Maygatasan, Esperanza, until it became a regular barrio in the early 1960s. The city has undergone a lot of changes since then, and in 2007, it was converted into a city.

Bayugan is bordered by the Municipality of Sibagat and the province of Surigao del Sur to the north, the Municipality of Prosperidad to the east, the Municipality of Esperanza to the south, and the Municipality of Las Nieves, Agusan del Norte, to the west. The city is geographically situated below the typhoon belt, but it is usually affected by depressions forming in the typhoon regions of Visayas and the province of Surigao del Norte. The climate here falls under Type II based on the modified coronas classification, with no dry season and very pronounced wet season of heavy precipitation. Its average monthly rainfall is 161.6 millimetres (6.36 in) and the average temperature is 32 °C (90 °F).

Bayugan is politically subdivided into 43 barangays, of which 3 are urban and 40 are rural. The city is home to different indigenous people such as the Manobo, Higaonon, Banwaon, Kamayo/Mandaya, and Talaandig, all of whom contribute to the city’s vibrant culture. There are several festivals and events that take place in Bayugan, such as the Kahimunan tu Bayugan Festival, Holy Child, Sacred Heart of Jesus Festival, and Rice Corn and Flower Festival.

Bayugan is accessible by air through the Butuan Airport, which is the nearest airport from the city. It can also be accessed by land transport, with several bus companies traveling to and from the city. Bayugan is a transportation highway nexus for the eastern part of Mindanao Island, making it a convenient stop for travelers. Accommodations and restaurants are available in the city to ensure that visitors have a comfortable stay.

Come and explore the City of Bayugan, experience its rich history, marvel at its breathtaking landscapes, and savor its mouthwatering local cuisine. This hidden gem may be small, but it is definitely worth a visit!

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