Welcome to Gerash, a captivating city located in Fars Province, Iran. With a rich history, unique culture, and stunning attractions, Gerash is a must-visit destination for any traveler looking to explore the beauty of Iran.

Gerash is home to a welcoming community of people who speak Achomi, a language shared with many neighboring cities. The city’s population is estimated to be around 50,000, despite the high volatility due to seasonal migration.

One of the city’s most notable monuments is Kalat, a hill located in the center of Gerash. Historically, Kalat served as a fort to protect the city from offenders. Today, it shapes the very architecture of Gerash, with residential areas built all around it. Another must-see attraction is Berka, which has had a special place in Gerashis hearts. Numerous Berkas have been created by philanthropists to save people from dehydration. Despite the creation of modern water-pipe capabilities, this practice still continues.

Gerash is also home to the impressive Berke Kaal, also known as the Kal Pond. This water storage is one of the strangest, most glorious, and likely the biggest one made in Iran. The pond’s depth is equal to the height of a seven-floor building, and it includes six openings that lead raining water into the water storage. All entrances have a pointed arch, and the curved stone has been used in its materials.

If you’re interested in exploring Gerash’s history, be sure to visit the city’s many landmarks. The Gerash Castle is a must-see attraction, with ruins that remain on a big pile with a height of 1,070 meters above sea level. The castle includes a number of houses, a mosque, and a bath in the western part. Another historic landmark worth visiting is the Tag-e-Av historical dam, which belongs to the Sasanid era and has been reconstructed at the Safavid period. Materials used in the dam and the clamps are stone and mortar, and a water stream with the same material has been drawn for irrigation from the dam up to a plain named as ‘Dasht-e-Baraa’.

Finally, don’t miss the House of Azimis, the Martyrs, which serves as an anthropology museum in Gerash. This house is one of the best among historical monuments due to its restoration by the Gerash Cultural Heritage Lovers Society.

Gerashis refer to themselves as Khodmooni, a term literally meaning part of ourselves, but figuratively used to refer to people from Gerash, Evaz, Khonj, Arad, Fedagh, Pishwar, and other neighboring cities that share a common language known as Achomi. So come and immerse yourself in the unique culture and history of Gerash, Iran!

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