Welcome to Fürth, a beautiful city in northern Bavaria, Germany. This charming city is located in the administrative division of Middle Franconia and is now contiguous with the larger city of Nuremberg, the centres of the two cities being only seven km (4.3 mi) apart. Fürth is one of 23 major centres in Bavaria and is also part of the Middle Franconian Conurbation, which is one of the 11 German metropolitan regions. Fürth has a rich history, having celebrated its thousand year anniversary in 2007, with its first mention being on 1 November 1007.

Geographically, the historic centre of the town is to the east and south of the rivers Rednitz and Pegnitz, which join to form the Regnitz to the northwest of the Old Town. To the west of the town, on the far side of the Main-Danube Canal, is the Fürth municipal forest (Fürther Stadtwald). To the east of Fürth, at roughly the same latitude, lies Nuremberg, and to the north is the fertile market-gardening area known as the Knoblauchsland. Fürth shares its borders with neighboring municipalities such as Erlangen, Nuremberg, Stein, Oberasbach, Zirndorf, Cadolzburg, Seukendorf, Veitsbronn, and Obermichelbach.

Founded as a Franconian settlement in the mid-8th century AD, the first historical mention of Fürth was in a document dated 1 November 1007, in which the Emperor Heinrich II donated his property in Fürth to the newly created Bishopric of Bamberg. The name Fürth derives from the German word for ford, as the first settlements originated around a ford. In the following years, Fürth was granted market privileges, but these were later lost to the neighbouring Nuremberg, under Heinrich III. From 1062 onward, Fürth was again permitted to have a market, but by that time Nuremberg was already the more important town. In the following centuries, the town was under varying authority, involving the Bishopric of Bamberg, the Principality of Ansbach and the City of Nuremberg.

Fürth has a rich cultural life with museums such as the Jewish Museum of Franconia, the Municipal Museum, and the Fire Brigade Museum. The town has a lot of green spaces such as the Fürther Stadtpark which is a popular park to relax, jog, or take a walk. Fürth is also home to the Nature Trail for Urban Ecology which is a great place to learn about different habitats and their importance for the flora and fauna of the area. Fürth also hosts various events such as the Michaeliskirchweih, the largest and most popular festival in the region, taking place at the end of September, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Fürth is a food lover’s paradise with a wide range of culinary delights to try. Try the famous Fürth sausages, or the delightful Franconian wine, which is grown in the region. Fürth is also home to many friendly people, and you are sure to be welcomed with open arms. Come and explore this hidden gem and discover everything that Fürth has to offer. We’re sure you’ll love it here!

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