Downtown San Bernardino, located in San Bernardino County, California, is a district that is full of life and character. It is home to city and county government buildings, making it an important part of the city. The downtown area also has the distinction of being home to the only diplomatic missions for the Inland Empire, with Guatemala and Mexico establishing their consulates in the civic center. But there is much more to Downtown San Bernardino than just government buildings. Here are some of the attractions in the area:

Parks: The Seccombe Lake is a beautiful park that has a lake, named after a former Mayor of San Bernardino. It is located at the corner of 5th Street and Sierra Way. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Entertainment district: Downtown is home to three performing arts venues and a movie theater, the most for any central business district in the Inland Empire. The city is planning a new district along Fourth Street. The key aspect of the plan is to make the area around the California Theater and future Regal San Bernardino Theater Square Stadium 14 site on Fourth Street as an area for entertainment and dining. The Regal Stadium 14 opened in the spring of 2012, but the need for new dining opportunities remains.

Norman F. Feldheym Central Library: The Norman F. Feldheym Central Library is the flagship of the San Bernardino Public Library system. It provides a number of cultural enrichment programs for youth and adults in the local community. Partnering with the San Bernardino City Unified School District, the library supports a community Reading Festival for third-graders and their families. The library also sponsors an annual book fair at Cal State San Bernardino, reading clubs, and an Academy of Public Scholars critical review club devoted to works of Continental philosophy.

City Hall: City Hall is a six-story building designed in 1963 by César Pelli to reflect the urban environment around it. Completed in 1972, the City Hall is modernist in style, has curtain walls, and is clad entirely in glass, with slim aluminum mullions. Parts of the building are raised off the ground by pilotis.

Downtown universities: American Sports University was a private, non-profit sports business university in the downtown area which has remained unaccredited since its inception in 2006; it is seeking accreditation. California State University, San Bernardino has plans to open a downtown campus/center near the 2nd/E Street intersection.

Transportation: The Downtown Transit Center is located on a five-acre site located on the southwest corner of Rialto Avenue and E Street near the San Manuel Stadium. The Transit Center connects the Mountain Areas and the High Desert with the rest of Southern California, via Omnitrans, the Mountain Area Regional Transit Authority and the Victor Valley Transit Authority. The San Bernardino International Airport provides both domestic and international air services. Bus services serve the airport, which lies two miles (5 km) from downtown.

Overall, Downtown San Bernardino is a great place to visit, with its many attractions and easy transportation links. It is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves history, culture, and entertainment. Come and experience the best of California in Downtown San Bernardino!

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