Welcome to Kostopil, a small city on the Zamchysko river in Rivne Oblast, western Ukraine (historical Volhynia). This charming city has a rich history dating back to the 17th century and is a hidden gem that is often overlooked by travelers. Kostopil was originally a village based on a local iron mine, but in 1792 the local landowner, Leonard Wortzel, obtained town privileges for his estate including the right for an annual fair from Stanisław August Poniatowski, the last King of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. At this time Wortzel changed the towns name to Kostopol. The region between Anielowka and Kostopol contained many German villages and settlement in the town was encouraged by the imperial authorities but it stagnated until a railway station was opened on the Rovno – Vilna line in the late 1890s. The railway promoted the establishment of new industries such as flour mills, oil pressing, spinning mill, sawmill, and a match factory. Development was interrupted in 1906 when a fire destroyed most of the town’s buildings. Afterwards, most new construction used bricks. During the interwar period, Kostopol became a center for Jewish settlement in Poland and Jewish-owned businesses flourished. Sadly, during World War II, the Germans occupied Kostopol and there was a pogrom against the local Jews. The Germans progressively degraded the Jews’ position and condition, by enforcing the wearing of yellow stars, imposing forced labor, and confiscating Jewish property. The ghetto was liquidated on August 25, 1942. The remaining inhabitants were transported to Khotinka, a nearby village, and exterminated upon arrival. Despite the tragic events that occurred here, Kostopil has rebuilt and today it is a thriving city with a population of 30,838 (2022 est.). Visitors to Kostopil can enjoy exploring the town’s rich history, including its surviving Jewish heritage, as well as the beautiful landscape that surrounds it. Notable people from Kostopil include Roman Datsiuk, Ukrainian football player, and Oleksandr Stiohanov, Ukrainian producer, songwriter, director, screenwriter, composer, and clip-maker. Come and discover this hidden gem for yourself, and experience the rich history and warm hospitality of Kostopil.

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