Welcome to Burhakaba, a town located in the Bay region of Somalia. Known for its rich history, vast mineral reserves, and strategic location, Burhakaba is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Situated 180 km southwest of the capital city of Mogadishu and 60 km northeast of the regional center Baidoa, Burhakaba is the second largest town in the Bay region, with a reported population of 360,795. The town takes its name from a big mountain in the city center and has been settled for six centuries.

Burhakaba is subdivided into several administrative villages, including Waaberi, Wadajir, and Hoolwadaag. The town is primarily populated by the Eelaay clan, a sub-clan of Rahanweyn, and the main language spoken is Maay, the second largest dialect in Somalia.

Geographically, Burhakaba is situated at the coordinates of 2.7991° N, 44.0794° E with an elevation of 196 meters above sea level. While it lacks a permanent river, it does have a large valley known as Bohol Wiinti that runs through the town from the north, east, and southeast. After seasonal rainfall, the valley supports farming in the area it drains. The annual rainfall in the town is estimated to be 550 to 620 mm (22 to 24 in).

Burhakaba has the strategic advantage of connecting the three regions of Bakool, Hiiraan, and Lower Shabelle. Its location makes it a livestock trading hub, and agricultural products also contribute significantly to the town’s GDP. Over the last ten years, cultivating has shifted from primarily crops to crops, vegetables, and fruits. Mondays have the highest level of economic activity compared to the other days of the week. There are also modern services such as telecommunications, internet access, and shopping malls.

Burhakaba has two hospitals, Hakaba Referral Hospital and Falsan Medical Center, and two MCHs, BTSC and Burhakaba, which mainly carry nutrition support in a mandated form. It also has a T.B. center and dozens of unregistered pharmacies and clinics. The town has experienced cholera epidemics several times that claimed the lives of hundreds of people.

Educationally, Burhakaba has one university and several primary and secondary schools, including Dr. Ayub Sheekh Yarow, Amar Binu-Yasir, Zaad, Darulxikma, and Albushra, as well as dozens of madaris. There are three institutions; Banooda Institute of Science and Technology, Mountain College, and Najuum international College.

Burhakaba is a town waiting to be discovered. Its rich history, strategic location, and vast mineral reserves make it an ideal destination for adventurous travelers seeking a unique experience. Come explore the hidden gem of Somalia and uncover the many treasures of Burhakaba.

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