Welcome to Sohag, a beautiful city located on the west bank of the Nile in Egypt. Steeped in history and ancient culture, Sohag is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. The city has been the capital of Sohag Governorate since 1960, and is home to many ancient settlements, including the largest, Bompae. Sohag lies on a fertile agricultural plain on the western bank of the Nile, and its economy is driven by trade and small industries like carpet weaving and sugar production. The city is also a hub for administrative and educational services, and is home to Sohag University.

Religion plays a significant role in Sohag, with Islam and Christianity being the main religions. The city is home to many religious sites, including mosques like Sidi Arif Mosque and El-Farshuti Mosque, and churches like the Church of the Holy Virgin and the Church of Saint George. Monasteries like the Coptic White Monastery and the Red Monastery are also worth a visit.

Sohag is a treasure trove for history buffs, with many ancient temples and cemeteries like the temple of Repyt and the necropolis of El-Hawawish spread throughout the city. The Sohag Museum also contains around 5,000 artifacts from the Middle Kingdom to Greco-Roman times. You can also explore the city’s bazaars, like suq Qaiṣarīya and Souq el-Itnein, where you can find everything from fruits and vegetables to traditional handmade objects.

The climate of Sohag is hot desert, making it one of the warmest places in Egypt. Luxor, Minya, Sohag, Qena and Asyut have the widest difference of temperatures between days and nights of any city in Egypt. Despite the heat, the city is full of life and vitality, and is a great place for travelers who want to experience authentic Egyptian culture. Come and discover the charms of Sohag, and experience a side of Egypt that few travelers ever see.

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