Welcome to Sadasivpet, a quaint town located in the Sangareddy district of the Indian state of Telangana. With its scenic surroundings, rich history and cultural heritage, Sadasivpet is an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful and refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Sadasivpet is located at an elevation of 534 meters (1755 feet) and is surrounded by picturesque hills. The town is located at a distance of 65 km from Hyderabad, 36 km from Vikarabad, 18 km from Sadashivpet Road Railway Station, 69 km from Bidar, 36 km from Zahirabad, 154 km from Gulbarga and 20 km from Sangareddy.

As of the 2001 India census, the population of Sadasivpet is 35,475, with males constituting 51% of the population and females 49%. The town has an average literacy rate of 63%, higher than the national average of 59.5%. Male literacy is 71%, and female literacy is 54%. 15% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Government and Politics:
The civic administration of Sadasivpet is managed by the Sadashivpet Municipality, which was constituted in 1947. The municipality is classified as a third-grade municipality and has 26 election wards. The jurisdiction of the civic body is spread over an area of 21.70 km2 (8.38 sq mi).

Culture and Heritage:
Sadasivpet has a rich cultural heritage, with historical monuments and landmarks that showcase the town’s ancient past. The Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple is a famous religious site in Sadasivpet and attracts many devotees. Other popular attractions in and around the town include the Koulas Fort, Bidar Fort, and the Ananthagiri Hills.

Local Cuisine:
Sadasivpet is also famous for its delectable local cuisine, which is a blend of traditional Telugu and Hyderabadi flavors. Some of the must-try dishes include the famous Hyderabadi biryani, Haleem, and Kebabs.

In conclusion, Sadasivpet is a hidden gem that offers a perfect blend of scenic beauty, cultural heritage, and delectable cuisine. A visit to this charming town is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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