Welcome to Kundian, the second largest city of District Mianwali in the Punjab province of Pakistan. This charming city is divided into Kundian Katcha and Pacca units with a total population of 150,000, with Kundian Katcha being the older part of the city. Kundian Jn. railway station, built in 1896, is still an important railway centre for locals of Katcha areas and Billott Sharif. Kundian is situated about 200 m above MSL and faces cold winds from Tajikistan and Afghanistan region being in line with river Kurram. The weather ecology of Kundian follows Billott Hills climatic effects with some weather impact of Sindh river too.

Kundian has a rich history dating back to 1878, with the first settlement record of Kundian being from that time. Old Kundian was situated, starting from Himmat Shah to Seelwan Chitta School in West of Current Kundian, Aliwali. The Kundi tribe’s head, Muhammad Ismail Kundi, came from district Laghari Chak of Jhang to Kundian. There lived Ghakkars in Kundian. Then a huge flood came, so old Kundian was demolished. According to records, Tiwana rulers arranged for Kundis to live near the Indus river bank. Kundian remained famous during the British regime and was considered a railway hub in North Western State Railway (NWR). Being in line with Sakesar top hills of Salt range, Kundian became a railway Junction. The old benches of Northwestern Railway can still be seen at Kundian Railway Junction. Railway Locomotive Shed is the 3rd largest locomotive shed of Pakistan Railways. This town remained on the transport priority map during Sher Shah Suri regime. The British government set up civil Rest House to manage local administrative affairs. Kundian Junction railway station is also a railway centre for locals of Katcha areas and Billott Sharif too.

Kundian is a military pathway from hereby to Kundal, Darra Tang and Afghanistan. Khanqah Sirajia is a very famous religious place in the south of Kundian. Chashma Barrage and Chashma Hydroelectric Project are also located in Kundian. Kundian Nuclear Fuel Complex (KNFC) is also in the close vicinity.

Kundian is a tourist-friendly destination with many attractions such as the Chashma Barrage, a notable attraction where numerous people and families go there to swim and have fun. Besides that, Kundian has many cultural attractions such as the Big Baazar in the heart of Kundian. Kundian is divided into several districts or Mohallas, for example, Mohalla Mominpura, which is the main and the most important district of Kundian. Kalyaran Wala Mohalla, Wattonwan Wala Mohalla are other examples. Kundian has many pizza shops, restaurants, and marts. Kundian has renowned parks and farms for sightseeing, however, none of these beat the tourist attraction, which is the Chashma Lake.

We invite you to visit Kundian, a hidden gem of Pakistan, with its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and mouthwatering local cuisine.

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