Welcome to Ciudad Nicolás Romero, the largest city in the municipality of Nicolás Romero in State of Mexico, Mexico. Located just 58 km from the state capital of Toluca, this north-central city has a rich history and vibrant present that make it a must-see destination for any traveler.

Ciudad Nicolás Romero was originally settled by the Otomi and named Azcapotzaltongo by the Aztecs after conquering it. During colonial times, it was known as San Pedro Azcapotzaltongo. In 1821, it was renamed Monte Bajo and finally adopted its current name in 1898 to honor Nicolás Romero, a Mexican revolutionary who fought for Benito Juárez and was executed by the French in the city.

Today, the city is a hub of industry and commerce, with a thriving manufacturing sector that began in the mid-19th century with factories such as the

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