Welcome to Benxi, a bustling city located in the east of Liaoning province in China. This city is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes and historic sites in the country. Benxi has a rich industrial history and is famous for its steel production and coal mining which has unfortunately led to pollution problems in recent times. However, the city has a lot to offer visitors in terms of its beautiful parks, lakes, and subterranean river. Let’s explore some of the exciting things to do and see in Benxi!

The city has a rich history dating back to as early as 400,000 years ago when humans inhabited the region, as evidenced by the Miaohou Mountain ruins. In more recent history, Benxi was founded as a metallurgical center in 1915 and the Benxi Iron and Steel Company (Bengang) is one of the largest employers in the city. Unfortunately, the worst coal mining disaster in the world took place on April 26, 1942, in Benxihu Colliery. A coal-dust explosion killed 1,549 miners working that day.

Tourist Activities
Benxi has a lot to offer tourists. Let’s start with the Benxi Lake, which is located in the urban area of Xihu district in Benxi. This lake is the tiniest lake in the world, with an area of less than 15 sq. meters and a daily rate of flow of approximately 20,000 tons. It’s a famous tourist attraction in the city. Another exciting attraction is the Benxi Water Cave National Park, where visitors can explore a subterranean river that flows through the cave. The cave is filled with countless stalactites and stone flowers, pillars, and curtains. For those looking for outdoor activities, Wunü Mountain National Park is an area of natural beauty with many secluded trails that run up and down the valley. The park also contains the remains of an ancient Goguryeo capital city, which has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Guanmenshan National Forest Park is another beautiful valley that’s popular in the fall when the leaves of the many maple trees lining the valley turn bright red.

Administrative Divisions
There are four districts and two autonomous counties in Benxi, with a total of 25 counties, 40 villages and towns, 229 communities, and 289 village committees.

Geography and Climate
Benxi is located within latitude 40° 49–41° 35 N and longitude 123° 34–125° 46 E, and has a total area of 8,411.31 square kilometers (3,247.62 sq mi). The city is bordered by Tonghua (Jilin) to the east, Dandong to the south, Liaoyang to the west, Shenyang to the northwest, and Fushun to the north. The region has many mountains and has a high degree of forest coverage (74%). The city has a monsoon-influenced humid continental climate (Köppen Dwa), characterized by hot, humid summers, and long, cold and windy but dry winters.

Benxi’s economy grew 10% in 2012 to a regional GDP of 111.24 billion CNY. The city’s GDP accounted for approximately 4% of the provincial total. The main industrial products are raw iron (14 million tons), steel (13 million tons), finished steel (12 million tons), cement (3 million tons), and raw coal (1 million tons). In 2008, 92,615 people were employed in manufacturing, 20,368 in education, 19,228 in public administration and social organizations, 17,913 persons in the mining industry, and 12,997 in transportation and storage. Uranium is also mined in the region, and as of 2009, Asia’s biggest iron ore mine, which is reported to possess more than 3 billion tons of proven reserves, has been found in this region.

The city is home to the Benxi Campus of the Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (LNUTCM). Benxi Senior High School, located in the city, is a reputable high school.

Sister Cities
Benxi has several sister cities, including Peoria, Illinois, United States, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, and Modena, Italy.

In conclusion, Benxi is a fantastic destination for anyone looking to explore the natural beauty and rich history of China. With its beautiful parks, lakes, and subterranean river, the city offers visitors a wide range of exciting activities. Its industrial history and strong economy make it a unique destination that’s not to be missed!

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