Novopolotsk, also known as Navapolatsk, is a city located in the Vitebsk Oblast, Belarus. It is a relatively young city, founded in 1958, and has a population of approximately 107,458 people. The name of the city literally means ‘New Polotsk’, and it is located close to the city of Polotsk.

Despite not being a major player in the tourism industry, Novopolotsk has a lot to offer visitors. It is the leading producer in the refining and chemical industry business in the Vitebsk Oblast, with the entire city and Polotsk surviving and thriving because of this industry.

One of the most prominent companies in Novopolotsk is OJSC Naftan, which is the leading oil refinery in the area. Constructed in 1959, this refinery takes crude oil from the Volga Region of Russia and generates diesel, gasoline, kerosene, and other technological products. Belarus also built a large chemical plant called Polymir, which produces plastic and polyethylene. Many products can be produced from polyethylene, including artificial fur.

While the city is not known for its tourism, there are six hotels available for visitors. Novopolotsk has also produced several players for the Belarus national bandy team, and Khimik-SKA Novopolotsk of the Belarusian Extraleague is the local pro hockey team. The city has an a cappella music group that won an international award and several culture centers, music schools, art schools, and libraries. There is also a museum of history and culture of Novopolotsk.

Novopolotsk is twinned with Płock, Poland, but the partnership was suspended in March 2022 in response to Belarusian involvement in the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. The city has also produced several notable people, including footballers, weightlifters, ice hockey players, athletes, and even a serial killer.

In conclusion, Novopolotsk is a city built on industry and talent. While it may not be a major tourist destination, it has a lot to offer visitors interested in the refining and chemical industry, sports, music, and culture. With its unique history and talented citizens, Novopolotsk is a city worth visiting for those who appreciate the hidden gems of the world.

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