Tielt, a charming city in the West Flanders province of Belgium, is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. With a rich history dating back to the Gallo-Roman era, Tielt has survived Viking invasions, major fires, and epidemics, making it a resilient and fascinating destination. Today, Tielt is a bustling town that offers commercial, medical, and educational services to the surrounding region.

One of the main attractions in Tielt is the Belfry, Cloth Hall, and Aldermens Chamber, which are classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site due to their stunning architecture and civic importance in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. The city also boasts several beautiful churches, such as Saint-Peters, and visitors can explore the region on foot or by bike along the many strolling and biking paths that wind through the landscape, passing by picturesque windmills along the way.

Every year, Tielt celebrates the Europafeesten, a feast of Europe that takes place on the first weekend of July. The festivities include a street clearance sale, street theatre, a blues festival, fireworks, and expanded café terraces for further merriment.

Tielt is also home to several notable industries, including Seyntex, a textile manufacturer, Quadrant Plastics Manufacturer, and Balta Tielt. The city’s media scene is represented by Lannoo, a publishing group.

Tielt has produced several famous individuals, including Olivier Le Daim, a 15th-century barber and valet to Louis XI, known in France as Olivier le Mauvais, Josse Ravesteyn, a 16th-century theologian, Godfried Danneels, a cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church, Briek Schotte, a two-time World Champion cyclist, and Gianni Meersman, a professional road racing cyclist.

Tielt is twinned with several cities around the world, including Lahr in Germany, Saint-Ghislain in Belgium, and Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines in Canada.

Come and discover the hidden treasures of Tielt, a city that has survived the test of time and emerged as a vibrant and fascinating destination for travelers from around the world.

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