Welcome to Svietlahorsk, a town located in the Gomel Region of Belarus. Formerly known as Shatsilki, Svietlahorsk is a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of industrial and residential areas. The town is situated on the Berezina River and is home to around 67,054 inhabitants. Svietlahorsk-na-Biarezinie is also a railroad station on the Zhlobin — Kalinkavichy railway line.

Town Structure
Svietlahorsk is divided into two major parts: the agricultural-industrial area on the east and the residential area on the west. The industrial area is home to several factories, including the Svietlahorsk Chemical Fibre Plant, the cellulose and cardboard factory, and the Svietlahorsk house-building plant. The residential area is where most of the town’s inhabitants live and is mainly divided into the communal living area and the private area.

Communal Living Area
The communal living area of Svietlahorsk is densely populated and home to around 55,000 people. Most of the multifloor apartment blocks in Sviet

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