Welcome to Old Delhi, also known as Purani Dilli in Hindustani, a historic area located in the Central Delhi district of Delhi, India. Founded in 1648 as Shahjahanabad, the city served as the capital of Mughal India until 1857 when the British Raj took over. Today, Old Delhi is a bustling hub of bazaars, street food, shopping locations, and Islamic architecture. The most notable example of this architecture is the Jama Masjid, a stunning mosque that stands tall in the midst of the old city. While many of the mansions of nobles and members of the royal court have been lost, a few havelis remain and are maintained. Old Delhi is also home to a mix of different ethnic groups from the Indian subcontinent, with most areas being Muslim-dominated and Hindi-Urdu being the most spoken language. The old city was surrounded by a wall enclosing about 1,500 acres, with 14 gates, most of which are still present today. Old Delhi is well known for its cuisine, with Karims being the most famous culinary destination. The Gali Paranthe Wali and Ghantewala halwai are also situated here. Chawri Bazaar is one of the oldest markets in Delhi, dating back to the 17th century and was before known as a hardware market, but is known nowadays for its wholesale paper products. Old Delhi is also known for its street food, with Chandni Chowk and Chawri Bazaar areas having many street joints that sell spicy chaat. Come and explore the rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and mouthwatering local cuisine of Old Delhi, a hidden gem that should be on every traveler’s bucket list.

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