Welcome to Zeewolde, a picturesque town located in the Flevoland province of the Netherlands. With a population of approximately 22,000, Zeewolde is known for its stunning landscape and nature art. The town is situated in the polder of Flevoland, with the Wolderwijd lake to the east and the Horsterwold forest to the south. The western area is primarily agricultural, making for a diverse and unique environment. One of the most well-known art pieces in Zeewolde is Sea Level by Richard Serra, located in the Landschapspark De Wetering. This town is perfect for nature lovers and art enthusiasts alike.

Zeewolde was founded in 1984, making it one of the youngest municipalities in the Netherlands. Before 1984, the area was administrated by the Openbaar Lichaam Zuidelijke IJsselmeerpolders (OLZIJ), founded by the Dutch national government after the province of Flevoland was created. The name Zeewolde was always meant to be used during the planning stages, but on various locations. Zeewolde’s first inhabitants were the so-called pioneers, moving in from the old land to the newly created polder in 1979. They were mostly farmers and in the beginning stages deprived of amenities such as electricity or tap water. The planned village was then mostly meant to provide services to the neighboring farmers. Alongside the farmers, two holiday resorts were founded in the area. In August 1980, the Zeewolde advisory board, headed by Han Lammers who was at the time the head of the OLZIJ, met for the first time. In February 1982, municipal elections were held and the first streekplan (Structural plan) was drawn, envisaging the village to grow to 15,000 inhabitants. The actual village itself was started in 1983, after which in 1984 Zeewolde became a municipality in its own right. On 23 February 1984, the official first inhabitant of the village of Zeewolde was handed the keys to his house.

While there are no railway stations in the municipality, there are bus connections to the nearest stations in Harderwijk, Nijkerk, and the central station in Almere. This makes it easy to explore the surrounding areas and cities.

Notable People:
Zeewolde has been home to many notable people, including Tom Viezee, a Christian minister and former politician who served as Mayor of Zeewolde from 1999-2004. Geke Faber, a politician who served as Mayor of Zeewolde from 1990-1998, also hails from this town. Tim Visser, a rugby union player who plays for the Scotland national team, was born in Zeewolde. Sabrina van der Donk, a model who participated in the Miss Earth 2006 pageant, was also born in Zeewolde. Sep Visser, a rugby union player with Edinburgh Rugby, was also born in this town.

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Whether you’re interested in exploring the natural beauty of the area or immersing yourself in the local art scene, Zeewolde has something for everyone. Come visit this charming town and discover all that it has to offer!

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