Welcome to Nabadwip, a heritage city in the Nadia district of West Bengal, India. This holy city is regarded as the birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and is a center of pilgrimage for Hindus worldwide. Nabadwip is famous for its Rass festival, where the city is illuminated with lights, and deities of gods and goddesses are made on each corner of the town. Hundreds of people gather in this small town on the occasion of Raas Utsab. Located on the western bank of the Hooghly River, Nabadwip is considered to have been founded in 1063 CE and served as the old capital of the Sena dynasty. The city is still noted for its traditional Sanskrit schools and the Navya Nyaya school of logic. The great Vaishnava saint, social reformer, and an important figure of the Bhakti movement, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, was born here. Many who follow Gaudiya Vaishnavism visit Nabadwip to celebrate the auspicious birthday day of Shri Mahaprabhu, which occurs on Phalguni Purnima. This day is commonly known as Gaura-purnima. Aside from this, Nabadwip is visited for various other festivals like Dol Jatra and Rash Purnima. The city’s name is derived from the Bengali words /naba/ (new) and /dwipa/ (island), meaning New-island. The city has a rich history, and various historians have been referring to Nabadwip in the Pala period and the Shura dynasty. Nabadwip police station has jurisdiction over Nabadwip municipality and the Nabadwip CD block. The total area covered by the police station is 102.94 km2, and the population covered is 260,843 (2001 census). Nabadwip has a total of 18 high and higher secondary schools, and notable among them are Nabadwip Bakultala High School, Nabadwip Hindu School, and Nabadwip Siksha Mandir. The city has a moderate climate, and the summers and winters are pleasant. Many festivals are celebrated in Nabadwip throughout the year, and among them, Shakta Rash and Rath Yatra are the most popular religious festivals. Nabadwip is well connected by rail and road, and Nabadwip Dham railway station is the main railway station of Nabadwip. The city has a good bus service, and from Nabadwip bus stand, it connects with Krishnanagar, Shantipur, Phulia, Ranaghat, Chakdaha, Nadanghat, Kusumgram, Bardhaman, Karimpur, Samudragarh, Memari, Tarapith Via Katwa, and other places. Come and explore the hidden gem of West Bengal, India, and experience the rich culture and heritage of Nabadwip.

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