Welcome to Mudon, a charming town located in the Mon State of south-east Myanmar. Often overshadowed by its more famous neighbor Mawlamyine, Mudon boasts a rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and unique attractions that make it a must-visit destination for any traveler.

Mudon derives from the Mon language term Mudeung (Mon: မိုဟ်ပ္ဍုၚ်; /mùh dɜŋ/), which means salty peak.

The Win Sein reclining Buddha, the world’s largest reclining Buddha, is a major attraction in Mudon. The reclining Buddha is 180 meters (590 ft) in length, and 30 meters (98 ft) in height. Inside there are numerous rooms with dioramas of the teachings of Buddhism, similar to Haw Par Villa of Singapore. The Win Sein reclining Buddha is approached by a roadway with 500 life-size statues of Arahant disciples of Buddha. As of 2020, a 2nd reclining Buddha of comparable size to Win Sein Taw Ya is under construction. Other attraction sites are Kangyi Pagoda, Kangyi Lake, Jon Jon Ja Forest Monastery, Mon culture at Kamawet village and the Kyauktalon Taung and Yadana Taung limestone formations.

Local women are famous for weaving red-checked pattern Mon traditional longyis at traditional wooden loom.



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Whether you’re interested in exploring the rich history and culture of the Mon State, or simply looking for a peaceful retreat surrounded by natural beauty, Mudon has something for everyone. So why not pack your bags and come experience the magic of this hidden gem for yourself?

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