Welcome to Ayakudi, a quaint panchayat town located in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, India. This charming town is believed to be the place where the kings of Ay Kingdom originated and is known for its guava cultivation and fruit market. Ayakudi is surrounded by the lush slopes of Kodaikanal, a popular hill station located about 60 km away. The town is divided into Old Ayakudi (east of the pond) and New Ayakudi (west) and Obulapuram.

Demographically, Ayakudi had a population of 23,410 as of the 2001 India census, with males and females each constituting 50% of the population. The town has an average literacy rate of 61%, higher than the national average of 59.5%, with 59% of males and 41% of females being literate. Ayakudi is also home to different communities, with streets where only a particular community or caste reside. Most of the people participate in agriculture, with guava being the primary crop. Apart from guava, lime, paddy, mango, sugarcane, and cotton are also cultivated in Ayakudi.

Education is an important aspect of Ayakudi, with government and private primary schools available within the village. The town is also home to several notable educational institutions, including I T O Higher Secondary School, Swamy Matric Higher Secondary School, and Vivekanada Vidhyalaa. Additionally, Arulmigu Palani Andavar Arts and Science College, APA College for Ladies, APA Polytechnic, and Subramianaia Engineering College are located near Ayakudi.

Ayakudi is also home to several notable individuals, including Dr. K.A. Narayanasamy Maniyakarar, a politician and close aide to TN Ex CM K.Kamaraj, Ex CM M.Bhaktavatsalam, Ex Governor P.Ramachandran, Ex Minister P.Kakkan, and all other Congress politicians. Dr. Palani Baba, a politician and close aide to TN Ex CM MGR, Karunanidhi, PM Indira Gandhi, also hails from Ayakudi.

In conclusion, Ayakudi is a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of history, nature, and culture. Whether you’re interested in exploring the town’s rich heritage, indulging in its delicious guava, or simply taking in the breathtaking landscapes of Kodaikanal, Ayakudi has something for everyone. Come and experience the charm of this beautiful town for yourself!

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