Shahpur, Bihar: A Town of Temples and Holy Festivals

Shahpur, Bihar is a small town located in the Bhojpur district of India. Despite its size, Shahpur is a town of great cultural and religious significance, known for its many temples and holy festivals. In this article, we will explore the geography, demographics, administration, utilities, notable places, and notable people of Shahpur, Bihar. == Geography …


Foggia, Italy

Welcome to Foggia, a city located in the Apulia region of Southern Italy. With a population of over 150,000, Foggia is the capital of the province of Foggia and the main city of the Tavoliere plain, also known as the granary of Italy. Let’s explore the rich history, stunning architecture, and delicious cuisine that make …


Ilam Municipality, Nepal – A Hidden Gem in Eastern Nepal

Ilam Municipality, located in the Mahabharata hilly range of Province No. 1, eastern Nepal, is a hidden gem that is often overlooked by tourists in favor of more popular destinations. However, Ilam has a lot to offer visitors, from its stunning natural scenery and landscapes to its diverse agricultural economy and rich cultural heritage. In …